Established in 1945 as a family-run artisan laboratory, MELLUSO immediately understood the importance of integrating the craftwork with the new industrial technology. So they started a path which would make them an industry, leader in the production of comfort shoes. Important investments and internal transformations brought the company to a gradual development of its size, production capacity and expansion onto domestic and international markets.



The stylists of the company are involved in a continuous effort to understand tastes and new trends, in order to produce popular collections.


The original artisanal tradition is still visible in the continuous search and selection of the finest and softest leather, in the finishing and in the perfection of the inside of the shoe, where every detail , from the anatomical arch support to the smallest stitching make the shoe absolutely comfortable.


The artisanal experience of three generations is not forgotten, but it is enriched by new cutting-edge working processes. Today MELLUSO is effectively a cutting-edge industry with a production chain among the most modern and updated of all Europe.